Virginia Tesi Carey’s guest review of Mystery Man by Kristen Ashley


4 stars

I have read a few of Kristen’s books and loved them, so I knew I would love this one- and it didn’t disappoint!

This is about Gwen, a girl who likes to drink cosmos and wear expensive shoes.  While out one night she sees a HOT man she decides she is going to grab the attention of.  By the end of the night, he comes up to her and she takes him home.  For a year and a half he sneaks into her house, they sleep together and he leaves.  She doesn’t even find out his name.  When trouble comes her way, her mystery man steps up to protect her and becomes less mysterious.  Gwen finds out is name is Hawk.    Hawk is a hot alpha male- once he steps into Gwen’s life he totally takes over.  He is bossy, says what he means, super possessive, sexy and can be a jerk.  As time goes on it becomes obvious that he really does care about Gwen.  The thoughts in her head and the feelings in her heart make her wonder if he is the right guy for her.

Although Hawk could be a bit much, it became obvious that deep down he really is a good guy.  His way of doing things seemed overbearing at times, but I think it could be kind of sexy to have someone take charge like that.  Gwen has a smart, sassy mouth and an attitude but that makes her quite funny at times.  I don’t want to give it away, but I loved the ending of the story.  There is a lot of action in this book and quite a cast of characters including the hot biker Tack, the hot detective Mitch, both of their families, a bunch of delinquents, fun crazy friends and a whole lot of commandos.

There is no way I would let someone come into my house and sleep with them for a year and a half without knowing him at all but it works for Gwen.  She knows she should stop what they are doing but she has feelings for him.  I can relate to this because if it was me, I would have feelings for that hottie, Hawk, too!!

Another great book from Kristen Ashley!  This is a fun, great story with humor, love, drama, romance and sexual situations.  There are four books in this series and this is the first.  I am jumping right into book 2!!!!



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