Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan


I don’t even know where to start with Undeniable. This story pissed me off, made me laugh, made me cringe and got me hot and bothered 😉 I highly recommend it but I don’t recommend it to everyone. If you have a problem with the word fuck or cheating men, then you might not like it!!

Undeniable is the story of Eva and Duece. Both were born into motorcycle clubs and it starts when Eva is 5 years old and Duece is 23(weird, I know, but it’s really not). They first meet when they are both visiting their fathers in prison.  The story fast forwards a few times to different times in their lives where they run into each other. Once when Eva is 12 years old and then again when she is 16 years old. It is when she is 16 that the romance starts and, OH BOY, the shit hits the fan!!! Not only does Eva’s father disapprove of their age difference but also, Duece is married!! Yes, there is some serious DRAMA in this story(I love drama in books). There is not a single man in this book that can keep it in his pants and I don’t approve of that but it made an AWESOME story!!

The story follows Eva and Duece over the span of almost 30 years and their story is so screwed up. Duece would be such a sweetheart 5% of the time and then the biggest asshole the rest of the time. I have never read a love story like these two have. They had some crazy ups and downs and there were so many more downs than ups. I kept wondering how many times was Eva going to forgive him?!? She was sooooo much more patient than I ever could have been.

I loved the way the book was written. The dialogue was great and I think she hit it right on the head with the way they would really talk. The word fuck was used at least a few times in every conversation and it fit because I could not imagine those bad ass guys talking any other way. The word “babe” will always make me think of Duece 🙂 This book is not for everyone because of the language and the situations but I LOVED it. The author drew me in to Eva and Duece’s life and I couldn’t stop reading.  I was happy in the end but sad that it was over. I highly recommend it and give it 5+ stars!!

-Jennifer LaFon




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