The Perfect Game by J. Sterling


My heart HURTS!!! It hurts because it was made to love Jack Carter and then it was shreaded into a million pieces but then put back together…what a  f’in roller coaster ride my heart took while reading this story.  And that in my opinion is what makes a book excellent! When I read I want to feel anger, sadness, happiness, and love and this story brought me every bit of this and more.

You know the good girl always falls for the bad guy and that’s what happens to Cassie. Her friend warns her to stay away from the star baseball player with the horrible reputation, Jack Carter, and she tries to stay away but Jack is persistent.  At first I was thinking this was just another college love story with the usual ups and downs but I was way wrong and my tear ducts are paying for it!!

I have only ever read one other book that made me want to throw my kindle and this one also did!  I was so disappointed in Jack and I wanted to crawl in the story so I could try to console Cassie.   I cried big fat ugly tears for her and maybe also a few for Jack even though I hated him at the time …how could he do it???

Before I read this story I read many reviews that said they thought the story was rushed. I disagree!! Rushed would have been her saying yes to a date with him the first time. She made him work for it and she had no problem telling him exactly how she felt about him…good or bad 🙂 So many things that happened in this book proved how strong, smart and mature Cassie was. No matter what he did, she loved him because of who she knew he could be not for who he was at the time.

Jack needed to believe in himself. I wanted to strangle him every time he said he was going to screw up!! In a way I felt like he talked himself into screwing up and I don’t believe that he was that person at all. He had a good heart and he truly did love Cassie with his whole heart.  Everyone makes mistakes and he was willing to take his punishment for his even if it meant giving up the love of his life.  Jack Carter is officially my newest book boyfriend!

And, oh the ending!! She made you wonder up until the very end if these two could make things work. Great job to J. Sterling for writing a book that made me think about how hard relationships can be and  how love is worth fighting for when you are in love like Jack and Cassie  🙂 I loved this story and highly recommend it!

-Jennifer LaFon



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  1. I totally agree with you! Loved this book and Jack. I too wanted to throw my kindle. It must be a thing with Jacks because I felt the same way with Jack in K.A. Linde’s Avoiding Commitment. These are my favorite type of book to read!

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