Folding Hearts by Jennifer Foor


I must start this review by saying, Jenn Foor has become a close friend of mine and God help this world if we lived closer to each other!   Thanks, Jenn, for being just as crazy as me and for making me laugh my ass off most of the time!! 🙂 Now, on to my review…

Folding Hearts is the second book in the Mitchell family series and Letting Go was the first book.  If you have not read Letting Go, do NOT read any further in this review and immediately go to Amazon and buy Letting Go!!!

The setup is that in Letting Go, Ty ruins his relationship with his high school sweetheart, Van, and Van then falls for Ty’s sexy, older cousin Colt.  And this all happens with so much HOTNESS and drama!!  Then in Folding Hearts, Colt and Van are planning their wedding and Ty has to move on with his life without what he thinks was the love of his life.

BUT!!! In steps Miranda, Colt’s cousin from the other side of his family, and her daughter Bella. (also known as Izzy)  All it took was one look at that baby girl for Ty to get his priorities straight and get his life back on track. But, what happens when your family doesn’t agree with your relationship??? Some of us can sympathize with these two and know how hard it can be to love someone that you are told not to be with.

In Letting Go, I fell in love with Colt and thought Tyler was the biggest asshole ever but Folding Hearts changed my mind. Don’t get me wrong, I still think Colt is SEXY but Ty turns out to be the bad boy with a hidden sweet side and that was all it took for me to be HOOKED!!! For those of you who have read my other reviews, I obviously always pick the bad boy 😉 Reading about the way he loved and interacted with Izzy just melted my heart 🙂 No woman in her right mind would have been able to say no to this man when he was obviously so in love with her daughter. Folding Hearts is an amazing read!! You have a great mixture of romance, HOT sex and family drama in this story.   I also love the southern slang because I am a born and raised Carolina girl!!

I was able to read this story piece by piece as the author wrote it and it would kill me to wait for her to write the next few chapters.  I needed to know what would happen next!   It is an excellent story and makes you wonder how you could think of Ty as a jerk in the first book!

-Jennifer LaFon




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