Isolation by Shandy L. Kurth


Isolation by Shandy Kurth continues right where the first book in the series, Devastation, leaves off.  I read Devastation many months ago after meeting Shandy Kurth on the Books Books Books facebook page. I must admit that this series is not my usual genre to read but I thought I would give it a try and I am soooo happy that I did! Her writing is easily read.  There are five main characters and I normally would get confused when there are that many main characters but I easily followed them all.

In this book, the five main characters from Devastation finally reach the “safe zone” and they are split up and placed in their temporary homes and tasked with different jobs until they are old enough to join the army….which is mandatory. And just because they are in the “safe zone,”  it does not mean they are safe.

This story broke my heart little by little as I read about all the horrors these teenage kids had to go through just to stay alive.  No one should ever have to face all that they do. They have so much determination to stay alive and are some of the most caring teenagers anyone will ever meet.  They struggle to take care of themselves but also try to help others at the same time. I know I would have never been able to endure the experiences that they do and I can’t say that I would have stayed alive as long as they do…giving up would have been too easy.

There are also two small romances  in this story and that made it even more emotional for me. Can you imagine not knowing whether the girl or guy you care for or love is alive or not?? Most of us luckily can answer no to that question. This story will make your heart ache while you read it but because of that it is an amazing read. I feel lucky that I was given this chance to read and review Isolation prior to its release and I look forward to reading what comes next in this series


-Jennifer LaFon


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