Taking Chances by Molly McAdams


Jennifer Lafon’s Review

Everyone on facebook was raving about Taking Chances by Molly McAdams and so obviously I couldn’t be left out and bought it first chance I got. Along with raving about how good it was, everyone kept saying how much they cried while reading it. I thought to myself, I won’t cry…I don’t cry easily and I can handle it but holy shit was I WRONG about that!!!
Taking Chances is the story of, Harper, a girl who lives a sheltered life with her military father until she leaves home and goes to college. Now, we all know what happens when you go to college and plus add a sheltered childhood to that…party time!!! Harper really tries to stay away from the party crowd but her roommate insists she join her.  What does this mean for Harper?? It means she meets two guys (the bad boy and the perfect boyfriend) and falls in love with both! What is a girl to do about this?? She tries her hardest to do what is best but you can’t deny love!!
It was at this point in the book that I was wondering why everyone was making such a fuss about how they cried so much…I didn’t get it and I kept on reading.  As I keep on reading, I read about the usual struggle of who do I choose, how do I make this decision and all the usual college drama until all of the sudden everything changes!!
My jaw dropped and tears started flowing!!  I actually had to put my Kindle down (not throw it down like I wanted) and take an hour break from reading. I had to do this because first, there were too many tears in my eyes to read and second, I needed to get my emotions in check.  During this hour break I had to have a chat with myself and decide if I really thought I could keep reading. Never have I ever stopped reading because a book makes me too emotional and I almost did with this one.
But, once I got over my emotional breakdown about this book, I started reading again and I was sooo happy that I did. Don’t worry people, it got better and I had the biggest smile on my face throughout the rest of the book.  This story is one that I will NEVER forget and I can’t thank Molly McAdams enough for writing such an AMAZING story that made me cry so hard but then made me smile so big all in the same book.


Jenn 4’s Review

*Spoiler Alert* If you don’t want to know what happens do not read the rest.
I started reading Taking Chances at 5p.m. one evening. Upon starting, I was unable to put the book down.

I hated Harper’s douche of a father and the fact that she was basically raised without any female guidance. I felt bad for her, but understood the reasoning behind her not being very experienced. (Military Brat with lots of Big Brothers)

At any rate, she soon went to attend college, clear across the US and far away from her father. Upon arriving, she meets her roommate and they soon start a friendship that results in Harper changing her appearance and wanting things she never thought she would get a chance to have.

At the first party she meets Chase, whom she later discovers is the roomates brother. Chase is a womanizer and has a slew of girls falling at his feet and begging for more. He instantly has a urgency to protect the virgin Harper from other guys and possibly herself. Harper resents his shallowness and tries to ignore him, even though she always seems to end up around him.

She meets Brandon, a roommate of Chase and underground fighter. They start dating and although Chase is jealous, he knows he doesn’t have a chance with Harper….

Chase wants Harper, but Harper wants Brandon…well kind of.

Harper tries to ignore her feelings for Chase……until they just can’t resist the passion between them.

Then Harper gets pregnant and since Chase is the only guy she has ever slept with, she chooses to break up with Brandon and raise her child with Chase, who she realizes she loves. A devastated Brandon steps aside and lets them have their future, which was hard to take.

They seem happy and excited and you start to realize Chase has turned his whole life around to be with her. But…. before they can live happily ever after, Chase is misunderstood and set up, and dies suddenly in a tragic accident. AND I MEAN SUDDEN….LIKE HOLY SHIT DID THAT JUST REALLY HAPPEN?

To say that it is sad would be an understatement.

Harper goes into a state of depression, obviously!

Being the perfect guy that he is, Brandon takes Harper and promises to love her and raise the child like it were his own. Even after Harper starts to reconsider, she knows it is what Chase would have wanted.

*Tearing up just thinking about it…*

This book tore me up and spit me out. I have never cried so bad. I read it in one sitting and literally cried until four in the morning, waking up my husband. I love Chase. He was my favorite, even though I know that Brandon was nearly perfect.

I loved this book. I hated the pain, but it was an excellent read. I would recommend this to anyone and also suggest you have tissues available.

One of my favorites of 2012.






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